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Northumberland municipalities encouraging 911 signs at all rural property entrances

Posted on Tuesday February 06, 2018

Cobourg, ON – February 6, 2018 –  As past-president of the Northumberland Federation of Agriculture, Alnwick/Haldimand resident Allan Carruthers is interested in being one of the first rural property owners in the municipality to have a ‘Farm 911’ sign installed at the field entrance to his property this spring. 

“This is about safety,” stated Mr. Carruthers. “Every second counts in an emergency, and this sign could help first responders get to us more quickly in an urgent situation. While we hope never to have to find out, this sign may someday be the difference between life and death.”

Northumberland municipalities are encouraging rural property owners to have entrances to their vacant land assessed for civic addresses as part of Farm 911—The Emily Project. Named for seven year-old Hastings County resident Emily Trudeau, who died from a farm accident in 2014, this project aims to create a unified system across municipalities for acquiring 911 signs for rural property entrances.  Northumberland County joins the counties of Hastings,
Prince Edward, and Lennox and Addington in making this initiative a priority. 

“Farmland can be vast, and accidents can occur anywhere on a property; this makes it challenging for our first responders to access such emergencies,” indicated County Warden Mark Lovshin. “With a civic address assigned to a property entrance, a 911 roadside sign can be installed, helping first responders to more easily locate the entrance in the event of an emergency. We strongly encourage our rural community members to contact their local municipality to have their field entrances assessed.” 

There are requirements that must be met for a property entrance to qualify for a civic address. As part of the application process, the municipal authority will visit the property and assess the safety and suitability of the entrance for emergency vehicles. If the entrance meets the necessary standards, the municipality will work with the property owner to ensure proper installation of a 911 sign. 

“We actively promote that all farm field entrances be maintained so that, should there be an incident, emergency vehicles are able to use the entrance,” noted Ontario Federation of Agriculture’s Resi Walt. “With an official civic address, first responder systems can locate a site using geographical and global positioning data, helping them get to those in need with the minimum delay. This is a vital initiative for safety within the community, and we are very pleased to see the support from the municipalities of Northumberland County.” 

For more information about how to apply for a civic address and 911 sign for your rural property entrance, visit  

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