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Northumberland County Purchasing

Northumberland County's open, fair and transparent procurement practices ensure that we acquire the best value in goods and services while adhering to the highest standards of ethical conduct. All purchases made by the County are done in accordance with our Purchasing Policies and Procedures, which cover the acquisition of all goods, services and construction projects (By-law 2018-26).

The Corporation of the County of Northumberland - Procurement By-Law No. 2018-26
Section 1: Preamble and Principles
Section 2: Interpretation and Application
Section 3: Ethical Conduct and Conflicts of Interest
Section 4: Roles and Responsibilities
Section 5: Procurement Methods
Section 6: Procurement Approvals and Delegated Authorities
Section 7: Supplier Relations and Contract Management
Section 8: Records, Confidentiality and Access to Information
Section 9: General
Appendix 1: Applicable Laws, Trade Agreements and Regulations
Appendix 2: Exceptions
Appendix 3: Circumstances for Non-Standard Procurement
Appendix 4: Delegated Approval and Commitment Authorities

Sale of Surplus Goods by Online Auction

Northumberland Supplier Barring Protocol

Vendor Performance Evaluation Procedures & Forms



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