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From the Warden's Desk - Emergency Preparedness

Mark Lovshin
At Northumberland County, we are here to help you plan and remain safe throughout an emergency situation.

Should an emergency situation occur, the Northumberland County Community Control Group will assist the emergency response services of our seven municipalities. This team will coordinate Fire Mutual Aid, Emergency Medical Services, Paramedic, Public Works Mutual Aid, Emergency Social Services in evacuation shelters, Police Service assistance, and Public Health inspection.

You can assist emergency personnel by being self-sufficient for the first 72 hours of an emergency. This will allow time for emergency services to prioritize response. You are encouraged to complete a Family Emergency Plan and a 72 Hour Emergency Kit so that you have the security of knowing that your most pressing needs, and those of your family, will be met in the initial stages of an emergency.

For more information on how you can prepare for an emergency, visit our ' Personal Preparedness' web page.

If each of us participates in emergency readiness, a crisis may interrupt, but not eliminate, the quality of life we enjoy in Northumberland County.

Mark Lovshin,
Northumberland County 

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