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Rice Lake Plains Joint Initiative

The Rice Lake Plains Joint Initiative (RLPJI) is an ongoing partnership with the Nature Conservancy of Canada, the Corporation of the County of Northumberland, Alderville First Nations, Ontario Parks, Lower Trent Conservation, Northumberland Land Trust and the Ganaraska Conservation Authority.  Together we work to identify and restore prairie habitat along with other significant ecosystems in the Rice Lake Plains. 

There is also opportunity for landowners on the RLP to get involved by either doing projects on their land or attending the variety of workshops offered.  See the RLP Landowner Services & Events section below for more information.

This Partnership is largely funded by the Oak Ridges Moraine Foundation.  Check out for more information. 

Click here for map of the Rice Lake Plains

Prescribed Burns

One of the best ways to help restore prairie habitats is through a prescribed burn (PB). A PB is a deliberately set fire, done by highly trained professionals under very strict weather and environmental conditions, with the goal of restoring the health of the ecosystem. PB´s help ecosystems by:

  • clearing forested areas for planting
  • removing invasive plants that out compete native species
  • removing thick undergrowth, allowing sunlight to reach the ground
  • help control pests and diseases

Prescribed Burn pamphlet
Prescribed Burning and Poison Ivy
Click here to visit the MNR Forest Fire website


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