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Financial Services

The County Finance Department is responsible for much more than just the budget. The Finance Department oversees all financial operations and administers the $90M + annual budgets. We also work closely with all of the County departments to support their operations.


To be a best practices leader in municipal financial services and be a collaborative partner with our internal and external stakeholders.


To support our internal and external stakeholders in bringing together people, partnerships and possibilities to be financially strong and sustainable within an environment that demonstrates the highest standard of ethics, efficiency and continuous improvement.

Key Functions 

County Financial Framework

Northumberland County is focused on creating the conditions for thriving, inclusive and sustainable communities.

In keeping with our mission to be a 'Best practices leader in county government', staff implemented a financial planning model in 2010 that looks outward over 10 years at the management of the County's many accountabilities.

This financial model looks at the current fiscal year, as well as a nine year forecast. This process sets out a clear plan for managing existing requirements, as well as those on the horizon.

Watch this short animation to learn more about Northumberland County's Long Term Financial Planning Framework.


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