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Rights & Responsibilities

As an Ontario Works participant, you need to know about your rights and responsibilities.

Your Rights

As an Ontario Works participant, you have the RIGHT to ...

  • An Interview - You may bring someone with you when you meet the caseworker. This person can be anyone you choose.
  • A Decision - You will be informed (in writing) of any decisions to grant, refuse, suspend or cancel your financial assistance and the reasons for making those decisions.
  • A Chance To Have Decisions Reviewed - If you disagree with the decision made, you may make a written request within 10 days to have the decision reviewed by our local office. This internal review must be completed by our office within 10 days, and you will be told of the result. If you disagree with the internal review decision, you can make an appeal to the Social Benefits Tribunal within 30 days of the date of the internal review decision. Your caseworker can give you information about the appeal process.

Your Responsibilities

As an Ontario Works participant, you have the RESPONSIBILITY to ...

  • Respond Promptly - Contact your caseworker promptly if you receive a message or notice to do so. Complete and return promptly forms and documents as requested by your caseworker. Periodic interviews will be required.
  • Work and Participate - You must actively look for work or better paying work or participate in an approved activity that will improve your opportunities to obtain and keep employment.
  • Obtain and Report All Available Income - You must make every effort to obtain income available from all sources, and report any income you receive.
  • Report All Assets - You must also report all assets, that being anything that can be converted into cash (such as property, vehicle, bonds or investments).
  • Report Your Living Arrangements and Other Changes - You must report any changes in your living arrangements such as your address, phone number, rent or house costs, number of people in your household, etc. as and when the change is known.





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