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Community Outreach

Community Outreach is a program designed to help people in need access local services and subsidies.

How do people access Community Outreach?

People can call our Customer Service Unit at:

905-372-6846 or 1-800-354-7051, ext. 2468

One of our Applicant Assistance Workers will do an initial assessment to determine your needs. Referrals will then be made to the appropriate program(s) or to one of the Community Workers.

A Community Outreach Worker will contact you to talk about your needs and request any documentation that may be required.  If need be, our Community Outreach Workers can meet with you at prearranged locations throughout Northumberland County. 

What help might be available?  

Last month's rent

Rent and/or utility arrears

Moving costs

Drug costs (short-term access)

Dental / denture costs






In addition to providing support in these areas, our Community Outreach Workers can provide you with information about other programs, subsidies and services, and then help you find ways to connect with the ones you need.







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