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2018 Registry Week

2018 Registry Week: April 16-20

April 16 to 20, 2018 was Registry Week in Northumberland County. Social services staff from the County, community partners and volunteers canvassed locations throughout Northumberland’s urban, suburban and rural areas to connect with individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness, and complete surveys about their housing history, health, and current levels of risk and need.

This 2018 process was part of a province-wide collection of homeless enumeration data, now mandated by the government to occur every two years to inform both local and provincial housing and homelessness programs and policies. Although homelessness counts do not give a full picture of the extent of homelessness in a community, this process does generate critical information about the scope of homelessness in Northumberland and the characteristics of this vulnerable population. Over time, enumeration information will provide important insight about whether programs and initiatives are having the desired impact on reducing the incidence of homelessness in our community.

Image of 2018 Registry Week ReportReport: 2018 State of Homelessness in Northumberland County

The 2018 State of Homelessness in Northumberland County  report is a summary of the information gathered through interviews during Registry Week 2018 with people experiencing homelessness in Northumberland County. Data captured in this report, as well as the County’s 10-Year Housing and Homelessness Plan, the pending Affordable Housing Strategy and other reports, helps the County to effectively plan services and programs that support housing access and stability for Northumberland residents.  

Findings from the 2018 Registry Week include:

Northumberland Capacity Assessment

Moving Forward: 2016 Housing & Homelessness Community Report



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