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2015-2019 Strategic Plan

Northumberland County Council is comprised of the Mayors of each of the seven Towns, Townships or local municipalities within its boundaries. The County of Northumberland is the upper tier level of municipal government that weaves together these seven diverse yet complementary municipalities:

  • Township of Alnwick/Haldimand
  • Municipality of Brighton
  • Town of Cobourg
  • Township of Cramahe
  • Township of Hamilton
  • Municipality of Port Hope 
  • Municipality of Trent Hills  


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Northumberland County offers a wide range of programs and services to over 85,000 residents.

People, Partnership, Possibilities--Strategic Plan 2015-2019 uses the County's Vision, Mission, and Core Values to set priorities for the future to ensure that we can continue to meet the changing needs of our citizens and the world we live in. The Strategic Plan contains summaries of key concepts that were identified during the strategic planning process including:

  • areas of vital focus and alignment with the term of Council
  • anticipated trends and environmental factors that may affect the County as a whole
  • sustainable strategies to move the County forward.

The Plan also provides a road map to the vision of the future--guiding Council, departments and services. It is a plan to get us from where we have been and where we are today, to where we want to be as a community. It contains specific, measureable, achievable and time-based objectives and action plans built around the four key strategic pillars.                

County of Northumberland Strategic Pillars:


focuses on our ability to plan for, market and develop our assets for continuing economic growth.


focuses on our ability to develop and maintain levels of service and our infrastructure.


focuses on livability, health and social well-being of our residents.


focuses on financial sustainability, openness, accessibility, transparency, accountability and reliability of the County Government and its programs and services.


Measurement of Progress: 

We will report the progress of our collective vision annually to ensure that we achieve our goal of making a difference in the lives of our residents, businesses and visitors.

Northumberland County Mission:

To be a best practices leader of County government and a collaborative partner with our member municipalities and community partners.

County of Northumberland Vision:

To bring together people, partnerships and possibilities for a strong and vibrant Northumberland County.

County of Northumberland Values:

 County Council and staff will be guided by the following set of values in all our actions and decisions:

Care & Support
Collaboration & Communication
Honesty & Integrity
Innovation & Excellence
Mutual Trust & Respect

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