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Multi-Year Accessibility Plan

One of the first requirements of the Integrated Accessibility Standard Regulation was to establish, implement, maintain and document a multi-year accessibility plan which outlines our strategy to prevent and remove barriers and meet the requirements of the Regulation. In addition the multi-year plan must be reviewed and updated it at least once every five (5) years. Annually the County will prepare a status report on the progress of measures taken to implement its strategy and we will post the status report on our website.

The County's multi-year plan is meant to be a working document. It serves as a road map for the County outlining the legislative requirements, detailing the areas of responsibility, clearly stating the actions we will take and establishing the timeframes. The plan also preferences the legislated timeframes to ensure the County meets its compliance deadlines.

Please click here to view the County's current Status Report and Annual Update to our Integrated Accessibility Standard Regulation - Multi Year Plan

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